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Coffee machine
BAR10, BAR12CD, 0132103013 (BAR12F), 0132103019 (BAR12F), 0132103004 (BAR12FU), 0132103011 (BAR12FU), BAR12FU EX-A, 0132103018 (BAR14), BAR14CD, 0132103008 (BAR14F), 0132103015 (BAR14F), 0132103016 (BAR14F), 0132103017 (BAR14F), 0132103033 (BAR14F), 0132103038 (BAR14F), 0132103040 (BAR14F), 0132103043 (BAR14F), BAR14F BLACK, BAR14F BLACK 220V, BAR14F SCHWARZ, BAR14F(AV), BAR14F(QUELLE), 0132103009 (BAR14FE), 0132103007 (BAR14FU), 0132103010 (BAR14FU), BAR14FU EX-A, BAR15, BAR15F 220V BLACK, 0132104003 (BAR16), 0132104017 (BAR16), BAR16 220V, BAR16U 110V, 0132104025 (BAR19), 0132104026 (BAR190), 0132104018 (BAR19F), 0132104024 (BAR19F), BAR19FU BLACK, BAR19FU WHITE, BAR20 ESE MUSETTI, BAR3, BAR32 BLACK, BAR32 ILLY, BAR40 220V BLACK, BAR40 BLACK, BAR40 B-N, BAR40 R.47635 BLACK, BAR40CD B-N, BAR41 110V BLUE, BAR41 BLACK, BAR41 BLUE, BAR41 BLUE ILLY PODS, BAR41 ILLY BLUE, BAR41 ILLY PODS BLUE, BAR41 LAVAZZA BLUE, BAR41 ONLY PODS BLUE, BAR41 R.47636 BLUE, BAR42 BLACK, BAR42 ILLY, BAR42E BLACK, BAR50NERO, 132150000 (BAR51), 132150001 (BAR51), 132150002 (BAR51), BAR51 BLACK, BAR51 BLUE, BAR51 ILLY BLUE, BAR52 BLACK, 0132100004 (BAR5S), BARM110 BLACK, BARM110 EX-A GREEN, BARM110 GREEN, BARM110EX-A, 0132108003 (BARM110U), 132108013 (BARM110U), BARM110U EX-A, 0132106004 (BARM29), 0132106005 (BARM29), 0132106009 (BARM29), 0132106012 (BARM290), 0132106013 (BARM290), 0132106014 (BARM290), BARM290 220V GREY, 0132106007 (BARM29U), 0132105007 (BARM30), 0132105020 (BARM300), 0132105013 (BARM30E), 0132106010 (BARM34), 0132105017 (BARM36), 0132105018 (BARM390), BCO 260, BCO 260CD, BCO 261, BCO 261.B, BCO 261.B NERA, BCO 261B, BCO 264, BCO 264B, C30, C40, CF6GREY, CF8WHITE, CP410 BLACK, CP450GREY, CP460GREY, 0132106008 (CP500), CP600 SILVER, EC140B BLACK, EC190 BLUE, EC190CD BLUE, EC190CD RED, EC200 110V RED, EC200 220V RED, EC200 BLACK, EC200 ILLY PODS RED, EC200 ILLY RED, EC200 LAVAZZA, EC200 LAVAZZA PODS ROGUE, EC200 RED, EC200 RED ILLY PODS, EC200CD RED, EC200CD.B BLACK, EC370, EC400 BLUE, EC410, EC410 ILLY PODS, EC410 ILLY PODS RED, EC410 ILLY PODS ROUGE, EC410 LAVAZZA PODS ROGUE, EC410 RED, EC410B BLACK, EC420E BLUE, EC425 BLUE, EC430 RED, EC430E ILLY RED, EC430E LAVAZZA PODS ROGUE, EC430E RED, EC430E.B BLACK, EC435 BLACK, EC500 BLUE, EC510 ILLY PODS RED, EC510 RED, EC610 SILVER, EC614CR, EC615 SILVER, EC650, EC650 SILVER, 013215404 (EC700), EC700 ILLY PODS, EC701, EC701 ILLY, EC710, EC710 ILLY, EC730 ILLY PODS, EC750
Coffee Pot
132104046 (EC190CD), EC430E
Filter coffee machine
0132551003 (BCO261.B), 0132551006 (BCO261.B)

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