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  • Brand SMEG
  • Brand Genuine Code:
    SMEG 970170011, 970170031
  • Tech Notes:
    Braking: 100N Eyelet diameter: 8mm
Washing machine
1000N, 1000N.2, 1000X, 353AE, 353AE.1, 353AE.2, 50N, 50N.2, 516XT, 52E, 52E.1, 52E.2, 545ZX, 618XT, 620XT, 80N, 80N.2, 96PEB, 96PNE, A10LA, A5010, A51DA, A60N, A60N.1, A60N.2, A62E, A62E.2, A63AS, A63AS.2, A64AP, A64AP.2, AP500, AP600.2, AP650, AP850, APWD12, APWD126, CI394, CI994, DG127EX, ELNA7000, FMR641501, FMRS65141, HJA8701, K10X, K10X.1, K10X.2, K11X, K11X.2, K14AX, K15AX, K15AX.1, K15AX.2, K15X, K15X.1, K15X.2, K16AX, K16AX.2, K600, K600.1, K600.2, K618XT, K96PEB, K96PNE, KB110EB, KB110EB.2, KB110NE, KB110NE.2, KB121SEB, KB121SNE, KSE120.2, L808.1, LA1500, LB110EB, LB110EB.2, LB110NE, LB110NE.2, LB1205CS, LB120EB, LB120EB.1, LB120EB.2, LB120NE, LB120NE.2, LB121SBH2, LB121SEB, LB121SEB2, LB121SEBH, LB121SNE, LB5012DA1, LB510, LB512DA, LB512DA.1, LB512DA.2, LBA10B, LBA10N, LBA1600B, LBA1600X, LBA60EB, LBA60NE, LBA60X, LBB14AZ, LBB14AZK, LBB14B, LBB14CR-2, LBB14P, LBB14PB-2, LBB14PK, LBB14PK-2, LBB14RO, LBB14ROK, LBB14WH-2, LBB16AZ, LBB16P, LBB16RO, LBCI5112D, LBE1000, LBE1000.2, LBE1000B2, LBE1000X2, LBE16AZ, LBE16P, LBE16RO, LBE5005, LBE5006, LBE500N, LBE500N.2, LBE5012, LBE5012.1, LBE5012D2, LBE5012DA, LBE5012E, LBE5012E1, LBE5012E2, LBE5012P, LBE5112E2, LBE600D, LBE600E, LBE600E.2, LBE600N, LBE600N.2, LBE600P, LBE800, LBE800.2, LBE800AS, LBE800D, LBE800D.2, LBL14AZ, LBL14B, LBL14RO, LBL16AZ, LBL16RO, LBS147X, LBS147XNL, LBS1600X, LBS5010, LBSE512, LBSE512.1, LBSE512.2, LBSE512.3, LBSE512H, LBSE512H2, LSE12, LSE12.1, LSE12.2, LSE1410FT, LSE147, LSE147ES, LSE147S, LSE147SES, LSE14B, LSE14BI, LSE16, LSE1600, LSE1600S, LSE1601, LSE1601E, LSE1601ES, LSE1602, LSE1602E, LSE161SD, LSE161SD1, LSE16B, LSE16BI, LST107, LST127, LST147, LSTA126, LSTA146S, LSTA147, LSTA147S, LSTAS147, LSTS147, NZ5012, NZLS12, SEC10, SEC12, SEC6, SEC6.1, SEC8, SECA512, SLB10, SLB101, SLB101X, SLB10X, SLB1201E, SLB1201FT, SLB121D, SLB122D, SLB127, SLB127ES, SLB12D, SLB12DX, SLB12SB, SLB14, SLB1401FT, SLB1410FT, SLB14-3, SLB147, SLB147-2, SLB147ES, SLB147X, SLB147X-2, SLB147XD, SLB147XES, SLB147XF, SLB147XNL, SLB16, SLB1600, SLB1600AI, SLB1600AX, SLB1600FT, SLB1601, SLB1601E, SLB1601EX, SLB1602, SLB1602EX, SLB16DK, SLB5, SLB5E, SLB6, SLB600, SLB601, SLB601E, SLB601FT, SLB6A, SLB6E, SLB712TE, SLB714, SLB714ST, SLB800, SLB801, SLB801E, SLB860TS, SLB860TS1, ST105, ST105.2, ST110, ST110.2, ST120, ST120A, ST120A.1, ST120A.2, ST120EB.1, ST120EB.2, ST121S, ST121S.2, ST121SA, ST121SA.1, ST121SA.2, ST121SH.1, ST160, ST161S, ST95, ST96, ST99, STA120, STA160, STA161S, STA161S1, STA161S2, STA161SD, STA161SD1, STA60, SWD1600, SWF1600, UK5012DA, UK5012DA1, UK512, UKST120, UKST120.1, UKST120.2, UKST121S, UKST121S2, V18XT, WA35120, WA35160, WD1200B, WD140, WD1400B, WD1600, WD1600B1, WD1600X, WD1600X1, WD1600X7, WD16BA, WD16V, WD200140, WD220140, WD512, WD512CNX, WDF12C, WDF12C7, WDF147, WDF147S, WDF147X, WDF147XS, WDF14C7, WDF16BA, WDF16BA1, WDF16BAX, WDF16BAX1, WDF612, WDF6127, WDFS14C7, WDI12, WDI1211, WDI1212, WDI12C, WDI12C1, WDI12C6, WDI146S, WDI147, WDI147D, WDI147D-1, WDI147S, WDI14C7, WDI16BA, WDI16BA1, WM140, WM16AAA, WM16V, WMF147, WMF147-2, WMF147X, WMF147X-2, WMF16A, WMF16A1, WMF16AX, WMF16AX1, WMF16XS, WMFAB16AZ, WMFAB16NE, WMFAB16P, WMFAB16RO, WMFABAZ1, WMFABBL-2, WMFABCR-2, WMFABNE1, WMFABP1, WMFABPB-2, WMFABPK-2, WMFABRO1, WMI1011, WMI1012, WMI1210, WMI12C, WMI12C7, WMI147, WMI147-2, WMI14C7, WMI14C7-2, WMI16AAA, WMI16AAA1, WNL1200, WNL1400, WNL1600, WNL1600X, WT105, WT105.2, WT110, WT110.2, WT121S, WT121S.2, WT36120, WT36120.2, WT95, WT96, WT99, WTA60

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